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Use -n option to do a dry run.

Not available as standard in all Linux flavors.

The fix for persistent screen dimness (loss of brightness) on Lenovo P500 IdeaPad laptops.

Kill a process
8 / 2023

How to kill a process in Linux

How to simple password-protect areas of a website with auth_basic NGINX-integral first line of defense.

How to mount a Google Drive in Linux Mint / Ubuntu.

How to set up a local development certificate authority and local SSL certificate on a local development environment HTTP server without using mkcert().

How to verify files and certificates using hashes, CRC checksums, signatures, and fingerprints

2 / 2023

This website is a collection of notes.

To unzip a .sql.gz file directly into a mysql database: gunzip < exampledb_backup.sql.gz | mysql -uexampledb_user -pexampledb_password exampledb

In linux to show all non-system users: awk -F'/:' '{if ($3 >= 1000 && $3 != 65534) print $1}' /etc/passwd

Add a new user to Linux: adduser username

How to install the NGINX HTTP server in Ubuntu Linux

How to install and run the Drush command registry-rebuild.

Ypage module
1 / 2023

Ypage uses stock Drupal 7 content and taxonomy fields to integrate content and taxonomy together in website navigation and presentation.

SSL, secure HTTP, and certificates

How to set up a local development environment as its own Certificate Authority (CA) using the mkcert() utility

If you are doing local development and using no SSL transport or your own self-signed certificates, you may not be allowed to view your development sites.

If the login screen doesn't detect your upside-down screen, here is a quick fix
show basic version information docker version
runtime information docker info
find images docker search example
download and install an image docker pull hello-world
run an image docker run hello-world
see status of containers docker container

How to install the Docker command-line interface.

How to install, remove, and list packages using Arch / Manjaro Linux pacman package manager.

How to mount the CD ROM in Linux to make it accessible.

How to set up Host-network for Host / Guest communication and simultaneously route Guest communications to Internet through Host assuming Manjaro / Arch Linux Host and Ubuntu Guest.

How to enable time server sync in Manjaro / Arch Linux if it is not enabled.

How to install the NGINX webserver in Arch Linux

How to install the Mariadb (mysql SQL database manager) in Arch Linux

How to make the function keys work on Keychron mechanical keyboards.

How to resolve the packages kept back message.

How to erase or wipe data off a device in Linux so its previous contents should not be recoverable.
Query a YAD7 / Drupal-7 database for entities with an example for nodes.

How to make a Y callback plugin for YAD7 Drupal-7.

How to apply database updates in Drupal 7 / YAD7 databases using Drush or Drupal7 admin interface.
Git: Add remote
10 / 2021

Add a remote to a Git repository

How to make a bootable USB stick from an ISO file using the Linux command-line

Use tar to create and extract compressed .tar.gz archive files

How to override the final presentation / formatting of a form using a Layout.

How to create and invoke a Voom plugin.

Most of the available guides show how to increase the swap filesize in Linux, by building a larger file initialized to zeros.

This shows how to reduce the existing swap file without writing a whole new file with zeros.

Some concepts to implement MYSQL security in a LEMP server.

Periodically, you will scratch your head and ask the perpetual questions: Am I using Bionic Beaver, Xenial Xebec, Risky Rhesus? Ubuntu? Debian? Which kernel? OMG?

This article tells how to figure out the parameters of your Linux system.

Sometimes, you want a menu / routing item as a placeholder and to have it fill in the sub-items automatically. This is how to do that.

Y assumes YAML files will be eponymous by default. Occasionally, it makes more sense to put multiple config definitions in one non-eponymous file.

Non-eponymous config files are designated using the _meta meta information block.

The New York Times (nytimes) hides its digital crossword puzzles from its digital subscribers to drive people to subscribe separately to their crossword puzzle services. Here is how to find the current crossword puzzles from the archive for digital subscribers. (Currently, only the past week is "current".)

Y Layouts let you define different layouts for different themes. Here is the order in which layout definitions are discovered.

How to send mail securely using Mailgun SMTP email services (SMTP) using straight PHP in Drupal 7 over the HTTP transport protocol.

In order to use public-key authentication for logging into systems, executing remote commands such as rsync and git, you must first generate a public:private key pair. Here is how....

Here is a summary of the steps to install a Open-ssh server on a Linux machine.
The Linux sudo command elevates privilege to root for a single command. By default, sudo verifies user identity by asking for your password. Here is how to disable repetitive password typing when using the sudo command.
Standard Linux keypad behavior is for the home key to go to the beginning of the line and shift-home to make a seven (7). Here is a method to make the numpad keypad keys mark to text as in Microsoft applications.
Drush invokes the PHP command-line interpreter (CLI) rather than the FPM / CGI version that usually handles Drupal 7 HTTPS requests. How do you debug a Drush command in your development environment using the PHPstorm IDE and Xdebug?

How to install Drupal and YAD7 modules using widely accepted Drupal site-management methods.

How to use Git to install a YAD7 / Drupal 7 module from its source git repository.