Y: query for entities (nodes) in YAD7 / Drupal-7

The Y project provides a function y__query() which performs arbitrary queries based on a query definition. To query a database for recent nodes of type article create a file called examplequery_allnodes.yaml in your Y module's config/query directory and put these contents in it.
  new: node
  - entityCondition: [ bundle, article ]
  - propertyCondition: [ status, TRUE ]
  - propertyOrderBy: [ created, DESC ]
  - pager: [ 12 ]
Then, in your PHP code, put a line looking like:
$recent_nodes = y__query( 'examplequery_allnodes', 'query', 'Entity', 'examplemodule' );

Here is another example using query variables to get a paged (pagesize) list of all nodes of type contenttype tagged (by Drupal taxonomy term field fieldname) with any of a list of terms (array termlist):
  new: node
  - entityCondition: [ bundle, //$contenttype ]
  - fieldCondition: [ //$fieldname, tid, //$termlist, IN ]
  - propertyOrderBy: [ created ]
  - pager: [ //$pagesize ]

The Entity query builder relies on YAD7 / Drupal-7's native EntityFieldQuery class, so all methods defined by that class are supported.
12 / 2021